Notes from Home

It is the aim of contemplative living . . .
that you learn to recognize a blessing when you see one,
and are able to respond to it with words that God has given you.

    — Kathleen Norris

12 May 2013

I have not been in touch with you here in a long time.
You should know that it is not because I do not think of you, all of you, at all, it is because life has been a bit complicated here for a while.
One of those complications has been because my mother, Miss Peggy as we call her, has been traveling through the deepening and darkening late stages of dementia. And we were given the gift of being close enough in our town to walk through it with her. But it has taken some time and some energy that I might have spent being in touch with you. 
You have, all of you, been generous to me for a long time, and I suspect you will be so now. 
Forgive me, please, my long silence.  
I am writing now because I wanted you to know that I have written about this journey with Miss Peggy. She asked me to. 
‘You are going to write about this aren’t you?’ she said to me one day, knowing that I am very likely to write something at some point about everything that ever happens in my life.
‘This is your story, not mine, Miss Peggy,‘ I said. ‘It is not really mine to tell.’
‘Well, you have to,’ she said, with that twinkle in her eye and that funny little grin of hers, ‘it might help some of those old folks.’
This past week, good friends at Abingdon published Moving Miss Peggy. It is about my mother’s courage in facing head-on the thief this disease is, about the way her children fell in love with each other again while we walked through it with her, and about the things we learned that might help others who must face the same walk. Some one of every five or six people you walk past each day is touched by the disease. You may be one of them.
Another gift is that I get a chance to read from the book and meet some of my friends and sign a book or two should someone want to take one home at Parnassus Books in Green Hills here in Nashville this week — Thursday, 16th May at 6.30 pm, to be exact. 
It seems a bit something to me to have been silent for so long and then invite you to a signing, but truth is, I have a sense the story might matter to some other folks.
And I wanted my friends, as you have been to me, to know about it. I would be very glad to see you there if you can join us.


Namaste — and be in touch.

R. Benson

P.S. Here are a couple of links you might follow. One is to Parnassus for the book signing.
The other is to a bit of film about the book.

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