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Finding Your True Calling

“I can remember the words people said that meant so much to me and my own sense of who I was and who I might become…. You know you have heard such a sentence when you hear inside a corresponding Yes. The Yes is an echo of sorts, or at least it is the same voice as is the Echo that you have come to count on. Such a sentence takes your breath away…. It tells you something about yourself that you suspected or hoped, something you glimpsed but were too shy or uncertain to name aloud.”

When one day a friend wondered if he was being called to a certain field of work, he asked Robert Benson, “Do you think I am?”

The Echo Within is Robert’s  answer, a thoughtful, honest,  account of his own search and failings and eventual discovery of the Yes he describes–what it is one truly is called to do and be. Written out of a lifelong search and response to the callings on his life, The Echo Within explores:

•how to love the work you do, and the process of doing it.

•ways to sense God’s pleasure in your pursuits, both in the pursuits and in you.

•whether you fall into your vocation as a destiny or you chart that course.

•how to begin living with added dimensions of meaning and purpose.

Through the ups and downs of the changes inherent in family life, professional choice, and spiritual experience, Robert shares with wisdom, humor, and heart what he’s learned–and how you can discover your calling too.

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Religion - Christian Life | WaterBrook Press | Hardcover | January 2009 | $14.99 | 978-1-4000-7434-1 (1-4000-7434-7)
Inscribed hardback copies available for $17.99 each plus postage

is three things. First, it is a book about the daily office, the practice of fixed-hour liturgical prayer that has sustained the Church from its earliest days. Second, it is part of The Ancient Practices Series, a series that seeks to introduce ancient Christian traditions of prayer and practice that have not always been understood or practiced in the modern Church, a series I am very happy to be a part of. And finally, it is a book that I needed fifteen years ago, could not find, and was finally given a chance to write.

Thomas Nelson, 2008, ISBN:9780849901133
Inscribed hardback copies available for $17.99 each plus postage

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In Constant Prayer

DIGGING IN : Tending to Life in Your Own Backyard is the story of our move into an old cottage with a long-abandoned back garden and the work we did to bring it back to life. But it is mostly the story of the way the garden became the ground upon which we discovered almost everything dear to us.

Waterbrook Press/Random House, 2007, ISBN: 140007139
Inscribed paperback copies available for $12.99 each plus postage

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Garden photos

HOME BY ANOTHER WAY: Notes from the Caribbean is an armchair travel book that was born out of the discovery that we had begun to find a sense of home and community in a place where we were strangers — to the people, the culture, and the island itself. Our frequent travels to a particular island in the Caribbean have begun to teach us as much about what it means to belong as we learned in the place where we live full time. So I wrote it down in the hopes of learning what it really means to be at home.

Waterbrook Press/Random House, 2006, ISBN: 1400071720
Inscribed paperback copies available for $13.99 each plus postage

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DAILY PRAYER is a multi-media project that I developed with some friends to help people learn about and begin to participate in the traditional daily prayer of the Church. It includes a DVD of a set of talks I did, an audio CD of my reading the daily office itself, and a small prayerbook. — all of which have been designed with both individuals and groups in mind.

For more information, visit www.daily
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Carolina Broadcasting & Publishing Inc. 2006, ISBN: 0978564723

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was written close on the heels of my two years in The Academy for Spiritual Formation, the place where I was first exposed to many of the ancient practices of Christian contemplative prayer. I wrote the book to try and understand what it means to live a life in response to the call to pray without ceasing — as a lay person, as an artist, and as a member of the consumer society in which we live.

Tarcher/Putnam, 1998, ISBN: 0874779677
Inscribed paperback copies available for $12.00 each plus postage

VENITE: A BOOK OF DAILY PRAYER began as a private prayer book, one that I wrote and rewrote by hand over almost ten years. It was published as daily prayer book for those who want to begin to practice the daily office as a way to participate in the traditional prayer life of the whole Church and sanctify their own daily life and work.

Tarcher/Putnam, 2000, ISBN: 1585420131
Inscribed copies are not available

THE GAME: One Man, Nine Innings, A Love Affair with Baseball tells the story of one minor league baseball game that I saw in Nashville one spring evening. Which does not sound like much of a thing except that it reminded me of why I love the game itself, it took me back to all of the places and moments where the game taught me something about life that really matters, and it gave me a chance to tell my children the things that I hope they will remember as they grow up and leave home.

Tarcher/Putnam 2001, ISBN: 1585423416
Inscribed paperback copies available for $12.95 each plus postage
Inscribed hardback copies available for $23.95 each plus postage

THAT WE MAY PERFECTLY LOVE THEE: Preparing Our Hearts for the Eucharist
was written out of a realization that although I had taken the sacrament many times over the course of my life, I was not really sure where all of its forms and practices and traditions came from or what they meant. It ended up being a book about our need for prayerful preparation of our hearts as we gather for worship and join in the mystery of taking the sacrament.
Paraclete Press, 2002, ISBN: 1557253005
Inscribed hardback copies available for $13.95 each plus postage

A GOOD LIFE: Benedict's Guide to Everyday Joy was a retreat long before it was a book. Over years of regular retreats — both as a leader and as a retreatant — I was drawn more and more to the principles found in the ancient monastic Rule of Saint Benedict. The book tries to capture some of its wisdom and transpose it into practical ways to discover and live a more balanced life of prayer and work in the modern world.

Paraclete Press, 2004, ISBN: 1557253560
Inscribed paperback copies available for $13.95 each plus postage

THE BODY BROKEN: Answering God's Call to Love One Another began as a question : How can we in the Church possibly be Christ to the world when we cannot even be Christ to each other? To be honest, it was written out of a broken heart and it is meant to call to and for the Church to recognize our own brokenness and to work for community in the world — beginning with ourselves.
Waterbrook Press, 2005
Inscribed paperback copies available for $9.99 each plus postage
Inscribed hardback copies available for $16.95 each plus postage

is a coffee table sort of book that I wrote as an accompaniment to lovely four-color photographs of the creches from the museum collection at The Upper Room in Nashville. I started out to describe the creches and ended up with a long meditation on the deep meaning and wonder and astonishment of the Nativity itself.
Upper Room Books, 2000, ISBN: 083580948
Inscribed hardback copies available for $25 each plus postage

BETWEEN THE DREAMING AND THE COMING TRUE: The Road Home to God  is my first book and it is the story of my struggle to discover a sense of vocation and calling in the shadow of a fierce struggle with depression. Whenever people ask me which of my books is my favorite, this is the one I always come back to.

Tarcher/Putnam, 1996, ISBN: 1585420883
 Inscribed paperback copies available for $13.95 each plus postage