Being in Touch

           To correspond with me, you have to write me a card or a letter, or at the very least, put your address in the e-mail you send so that I can write you back. As strange as it seems for a person with a web site, I do not actually use e-mail.
    When it comes to correspondence, I am a surface mail sort of person. People who send me letters, get letters in return. People who send me e-mails often end up wondering why I never answered their e-mails.
    If you want to write me a note, and you want me to write you back, then drop me a line at 1001 Halcyon Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37204.
    I will be glad to hear from you.

To inquire about or arrange a speaking engagement, write to me at 1001 Halcyon Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37204 and let me know what you are thinking about and I will be in touch.
    Or you can make inquiry by e-mail to It will get passed along.

To be added to our e-mail update list and receive information about new books, speaking engagements, retreats and so forth, please sign up for my monthly newsletter.

To learn more about Daily Prayer : A Simple Plan for Learning to Say the Daily Prayer of the Church, the multi-media instructional tool that I developed through the good graces of Tom Campbell and his friends from Carolina, go to Or you can write them at Carolina Broadcasting & Publishing, 851 Washington Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27605. Tell them Robert said hello.

To learn more about The Friends Of Silence & the Poor, the international prayer community to whom I often dedicate my books, please write to Holy Trinity Oratory, 1234 Porter Street, Detroit, Michigan 48226. Send your inquiry to the attention of Sister Marcella.

To learn more about The Academy for Spiritual Formation, the program that I wrote so much about in Living Prayer and to whom I owe a great deal of whatever it is that I am becoming, contact Jerry Haas, The Upper Room, 1908 Grand Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37202. Or visit and look for The Academy for Spiritual Formation.